• Pole Silks

    Pole Silks Private class
    1 hour session-
    1 person £15
    2 people £25 (£12.50 each)

    Classes are arranged at a time to suit your schedule

  • Private Pole Classes

    Private classes:
    1 hour session-
    1 person
    2 people
    3 people

    The price is split by however many attend the class. 121s can be at a time to suit you depending on availability outside group session times

  • Group Classes

    1 hour session-
    Intermediate -Monday 7-8
    Beginners - Tuesday 6-7 and 7-8
    Beginner Advanced - Wednesday 7-8
    Beginners - Friday 6.30-7.30

Terms and conditions

Group classes will run on the same day each week. If you can't make/don't turn up to a class you may be offered another day/time to make up your session subject to availability. If there is no avaiblabe space in another class you will lose your session you didn't turn up to. Pole Pinups is under no obligation to offer any make up sessions. If offered all missed sessions need to be made up within term time (4 weeks) or you will forfit the session. We run on 4 weekly courses that cater to a cyllabus that needs to be followed each week. Therefore lessons cannot be saved and moved onto the following course If you miss a class. Refunds will only be issued when I am presented with a doctors note excusing you from physical activity. 

Any cancellations made my Pole Pinups will always be re-arranged again to the day/time you signed up for. If this isn't an option due to course dates clashing, Pole Pinups will offer and refund for that session. 

121 sessions require a £10 deposit. A 24 hour notice period is required for cancellations. Failure to do so will result in the £10 deposit being non refundable. 

Please always make sure that you are fit and well enough to take part in class. If unsure consult your GP