Pile Pinups for the rspca and the dht

July 2014

24 hour sponsored pole dance.

The Pinups were put to the ultimate test when they took part in a 24 hour sponsored pole dance. We raised £110 for the RSPCA and £300 for the DHT

Pole Pinups for the Blue Cross

30. May, 2015

Anything Goes Showcase

After months of planning and rehearsing the pinups showcased their talents at a charity event held at the civic hall Nantwich. With the help from generous business's around the town we raffled off prizes to help raise funds for the Blue Cross. A great night was had by all. £219 was raised

Pole Pinups Charity Fundraiser 2013

Jul. 27, 2013

One in Eleven Appeal

Pole Pinups took part in a 12 hour pole dance marathon to raise money for the Mid Cheshire One in Eleven Appeal. Over £700 was raised